Frequently Asked Questions!

What is PeoplePowerExchange.com

It’s the first ever world -wide exchange where equity purchased through crowd sourced funding web portals can be advertised for exchange or sale. A crowd sourced exchange for crowd sourced equity investments.

What is Crowd Sourced Funding?

Crowd sourced funding is the simple principle of raising capital from the crowd at large, a number of website around the world have helped entrepreneurs, artist, investors and innovators raise money for their project either through donations and rewards based funding or more recently through equity based funding. Equity based funding is the raising of capital for the sale of equity in the business being offered.

How does it work?

It’s simple; people who have purchased equity positions in businesses through crowd sourced funding websites have the opportunity to offer those equities for swap or sale with others. In essence it’s a secondary market for the crowd sourced funding industry.

Is PeoplePowerExchange.com free to use?

Absolutely free, at this time we are not charging people to list equity investments for sale or exchange on PeoplePowerExchange.com

If PeoplePowerExchange.com is free why do you do it?

We believe in a democratic market place, a place where people can realize their dreams, succeed and prosper by providing this exchange service, subject to legislation we see the opportunities for small business and entrepreneurs in general to grow.