About Us

We are a group of entrepreneurs that believe in democratic business development, passionate about crowd sourced funding and peer to peer lending, we see the opportunities for a better world through people power! As a means to support equity crowd sourced funding we developed People Power Exchange the worlds first equity exchange platform for share transfers purchased through equity crowd sourced funding websites.

Motivated by the lack of liquidity for start-up business from banks and recognizing the phenomenon of rewards based crowd sourced funding the move to equity based crowd sourced funding has been a natural progression around the world.

Crowd Sourced Funding for equity investments has been embraced globally, with numerous websites offering equity investments to the public at large. The United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and most of Europe has passed legislation allowing businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs the ability to post offers of equity to raise the capital they need to grow, develop and expand their businesses.  People Power Exchange is the first website globally that provides investors who have purchased equity through crowd sourced funding the ability to swap or sell the equity they have purchased.

PeoplePowerExchange.com is a free service at this time that supports the crowd sourced funding industry around the world, where legislation permits the transfer of equity purchased through  crowd sourced funding websites.

Our simple format allows members who wish to swap or sell their equity positions a global venue for the transaction, however,  all offers listed on PeoplePowerExchange.com must have been purchased through a legitimate crowd sourced funding website.

In the United States of America  President Obama signed into law the Jump Start Our Jobs Act in 2012, most frequently referred to as the “Jobs Act”. Under this new legislation the prohibition on public offering to accredited investors and the public at large was lifted. In essence, start ups, small businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators, and inventors can pitch their ideas and seek capital  in exchange for equity from the public at large.  Under the new legislation the S.E.C. was tasked with the responsibility for defining rules to govern equity based crowd sourced funding and protect the public from unscrupulous issuers. Currently the S.E.C. is devising the rules to govern the use of web sites engaged in crowd sourced funding for equity investing and it is not clear at this time if the use of the service offered through PeoplePowerExchange.com will be available in the Untied States of America.


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